Senior Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer

  • One Brooklyn Health
  • Nov 03, 2022
Full time Executive Health Care

Job Description

The Senior Vice President/Chief Compliance Officer provides centralized direction and oversight of OBH’s Corporate Compliance Program based on the Federal Sentencing Guidelines for Organizations. The SVP/CCO is responsible for identifying and assessing areas of compliance risk for OBH and its three hospitals: Interfaith Medical Center (IMC), Brookdale Hospital Medical Center (BHMC), and Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center (KJMC).  Compliance Program oversight also includes a pharmacy corporation, two diagnostic and treatment corporations, an extensive network of primary, behavioral health, and specialty care locations throughout Central Brooklyn and two large nursing homes: The Schulman and Schachne Institute for Nursing and Rehabilitation and Rutland Nursing Home.  OBH also operates an assisted living program through The Brookdale Residence HDFC.  

The SVP/CCO also communicates the importance of the Compliance Program to Executive Management and the Board of Trustees; prepares and distributes the OBH Code of Conduct; develops and implements education programs addressing compliance and the Code of Conduct; implements a retaliation-free internal reporting process, including an anonymous reporting system; and collaborates with Executive Management to effectively incorporate the Compliance Program within System operations and programs and to carry out the executive leadership responsibilities of the position. 

The SVP/CCO is responsible for maintaining the effectiveness of OBH’s Corporate Compliance Program; serving as the primary corporate resource for Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement information; maintaining compliance with applicable federal and state rules; and acting as a consultative resource for reimbursement and regulatory issues throughout OBH. 

 The SVP/CCO has direct access to the Board of Trustees for the purpose of advising and making recommendations about regulatory compliance issues.   

Job Responsibilities:

·         Work diligently to foster a culture and climate of sensitivity to ethical and compliant behavior within OBH, including a culture of compliance

·         Collaborate with Internal Audit to conduct a formal, regulatory risk assessment and commit high risk areas to an annual or biennial Compliance Work Plan, approved by the System Compliance Committee and Board of Trustees.  

·         Implement, operate, publicize, and monitor retaliation-free reporting channels, including an anonymous reporting system available to all employees, volunteers, and affiliated providers.

·         Ensure that internal controls are capable of preventing and detecting instances or patterns of illegal, unethical, or improper conduct by employees, agents, affiliated providers, or others working with OBH components.  

·         Coordinate internal investigations of alleged violations of ethics and compliance standards, including working with Legal and/or outside legal counsel, as appropriate, to conduct, authorize, or oversee investigations of matters determined to merit investigation under the Compliance Program. 

·         Develop productive working relationships with Legal, Human Resources, Internal Audit, Finance, Information Technology, Clinical, and others, to effectively communicate ethics and compliance standards to all departments at OBH components and serve as a compliance resource.  

·         Serve as a member of the System Revenue Cycle Committee to identify potential compliance issues and serve as a resource for the committee.  

·         Provide oversight of compliance with grants. 

·         Participate in local and national compliance education and networking programs for healthcare compliance and privacy officers.  

·         Perform other duties as assigned by the CEO and the Board of Trustees.


·         8+ years of healthcare compliance leadership experience

·         Certification in Healthcare Compliance

·         Master’s degree, post-graduate degree or Juris Doctor degree

·         Background in Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement and fraud and abuse laws