Chief Financial Officer

$175,000 - $190,000 yearly
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC
  • Jun 16, 2021
Full time Executive

Job Description

Our Mission: Build and support mentoring relationships to ignite the biggest possible futures for youth.

Our Vision: All youth achieve their full potential.

Our Values: Put Youth First; Engage with Empathy; Advance Diversity, Equity & Inclusion; Operate with Integrity; Invest in Learning & Innovation

As the nation's first and NYC's largest youth mentoring organization, Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS of NYC) connects generations of New Yorkers by matching a caring adult mentor, a Big, with a New York City youth, a Little. Through evidence based, goal-centered, professionally supervised programming, BBBS of NYC provides consistent support and guidance to Bigs & Littles that result in longer, stronger match relationships that advance the social-emotional development and academic progress of young people across the five boroughs.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) will be responsible for the financial and operational affairs of Big Brothers Big Sisters of New York City (BBBS of NYC) including financial control and planning; treasury functions; information technology; risk management and building operations. The CFO reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and is a member of the Executive Management Team (EMT). This executive leader is instrumental in strategy development and long-term business planning.

As the executive lead for finance and operations, the CFO will be responsible for ensuring streamlined and integrated budgeting and planning, accounting, information technology, risk management and building operations. The CFO will manage all banking relationships, as well as relationships with the organization's auditors and investment advisors. They will also manage relationships with suppliers, vendors and service providers. The ideal candidate will have a strong belief in the power of mentoring and commitment to igniting youth potential.

The CFO will staff the Finance and Audit Committees of the BBBS of NYC Board of Trustees, working closely with the committee chairs to ensure accurate reporting and compliance in accounting and audit practices. The CFO will present to the Board of Trustees and its Executive Committee on strategic, financial and development planning at the request of the CEO.

Specifically, the CFO will be responsible for the following:

Financial Management and Control

  • Establish and oversee an annual operating and capital budgeting process based on input from the CEO, executive management team, staff, and appropriate board committees. Additionally, oversees discreet project, event and grant budgets.
  • Project the financial and cash flow needs for operating and capital purposes and provide long-range and short- range projections and planning, and manage cash flow and lines of credit, and monitor investments and other treasury functions.
  • Provide leadership for preparation of consolidated financial statements, annual Form 990 reporting and financial accounting audit, grant reporting and periodic audits, and efficient and effective monthly financial close procedures.
  • Establish and enhance accounting, financial management and reporting systems for automated and integrated flows of financial accounting information, for budgeting, projections, receivables, payables, closing, and financial management reporting needed by stakeholders, internally and externally.
  • Through continuous improvement and development of processes, oversee restricted and unrestricted and earned income, expense management, approval and accrual, reconciliation of bank accounts, payroll accounting, tax reporting and reconciliation, contract administration and reports to donors and agencies.
  • Provide thought leadership and opportunities for contribution, continuous improvement, and development for BBBS of NYC personnel in finance, accounting, treasury, technology and building operations, and personnel agency-wide regarding risk management, legal affairs, and business planning.
  • Maintain subject matter expertise of and ensure strong systems, processes and procedures are in place for compliance with organizational and regulatory requirements; establish and evaluate team activities, maintaining compliance and internal controls while managing risk.
  • Collaborate closely with the executive management team and personnel across programming, development, people, talent and impact, and the CEO in strategy development and execution, actively engaging in BBBS of NYC’s mission, growth models, cost management solutions, team building, communications and impact, staff committees, and preventing formation of information silos.
  • Promote collaboration, flexibility, efficiency, transparency, and respect across the organization.
  • Model and support a culture in which team members are valued, recognized as vital and encouraged to grow professionally.
  • Mentor personnel and teams, guide work allocation, deliver performance feedback and development, and support positive team dynamics.
  • Exemplify BBBS of NYC’s values with respect to equity, diversity, and inclusion, reflecting the sensitivity, skill, and drive to tap into the unique perspective and talent our personnel bring.


  • Oversee risk management, including legal affairs, insurance, and the relationship with insurers.
  • Partner with technology and building operations personnel on technology infrastructure, operations, and development, and the long- and short-term maintenance, upgrades, and security of the buildings.
  • Manage the capital, budgets, and implementation of buildings and other sites owned or leased by the organization.
  • Negotiate and administer management and professional agreements.
  • Regularly assess the hardware, software, networking, information technology applications, technology systems and infrastructure for expanded functionality, cost efficiency, productivity and the potential effectiveness of upgrades and additions that help ensure optimal capability.

Capital Planning and Projects

  • Work directly with the CEO and executive management team to oversee fulfillment of the capital plan, including pre-project due-diligence and operating pro-forma; risk assessment; agreement approval and supervision; creation and coordination of cross-functional team project committees.
  • Participate in the strategic planning process with the executive management team and Board Strategic Planning Committee to develop a progressive planning process