Union Law Group, APC

Union Law Group is a team of highly energetic and passionate immigration professionals. Our three pillars are Professionalism, Integrity, and Accessibility of legal services to the underrepresented. We are ambitious and unrelenting in our pursuit to assist foreign nationals come to the US to live and work. We enjoy helping people get a chance at living the American dream.

Our staff is energetic and ambitious. We are passionate about helping people with the most important legal case of their lives, at the same time, making a great living, and knowing that there is an opportunity for professional and financial growth. We are an incentives based compensation firm, and those who are willing to work hard and work smart and get results will be compensated accordingly, at the same time, being able to have a sense of accomplishment, knowing you are contributing to a worthy cause.

If you are interested, send us an email with your resume and cover letter. We will only call back candidates with AT LEAST 2 years of immigration experience.