City of Seattle

  • Seattle Municipal Tower, 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA, USA

Whether it’s ensuring public health and safety; providing clean drinking water and environmentally responsible electricity services; connecting people, places and products via a high-quality transportation system; creating welcoming and safe places to play and build community; or acting upon opportunities to meet the challenges of a growing and vibrant city - City of Seattle employees make our community a better place every day.  The city has experienced incredible economic growth but also faces the challenge of keeping Seattle affordable and inclusive for all. Mayor Jenny Durkan is focused on building a just and equitable future for Seattle’s residents and workers. Her priorities include expanding housing affordability, helping those experiencing homelessness, addressing the climate crisis, and creating opportunity for young people – all while delivering essential city services. Mayor Durkan believes that government is at its best when we focus our work in communities. As Seattle responds to the continuing impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the renewed urgency to advance racial justice, ensuring labor protections and increasing access to economic opportunity for Seattle’s residents and workers has taken on additional importance.