Life Span

Life Span empowers survivors of domestic and sexual violence to demand safety as a human right through client-centered services and leads social change through accountability, community engagement, and systemic advocacy.

Our Vision

Life Span works with survivors to build a society free of domestic and sexual violence.

Our Work

At Life Span, our unique service delivery design ensures that our clients reach their goals for legal services 87% of the time. Compare this to general legal services at Chicago’s Domestic Violence Court, where only 17% of victims follow through with their cases until the end. When victims are served by attorneys and advocates that speak their language and understand their culture, they are more likely to survive the hostile court system.  When victims seeking legal relief are supported by counselors who understand domestic violence and what it takes to survive, the victim’s ability to persevere and reach their goals increases dramatically – from 17% to 87%.

The U.S. Department of Justice has termed Life Span’s programs a “promising practice,” and we have provided training across the country on our service delivery model. Our comprehensive service design affords clients the best opportunity to achieve safety and freedom from violence.

We have built a national reputation for excellence and innovation in program development and service delivery.  Our legal staff works together with counselors in the same agency to provide a cohesive response to the violence that permeates the lives of our clients and their children. Together with the voice of the survivor, we work to bring justice to families affected by domestic and sexual violence.