Liebler, Gonzalez & Portuondo

We leverage diversity of expertise and depth of experience to relentlessly advocate on behalf of our clients’ business, transactional and litigation needs.

Client Partnerships Defined by Access, Communication, and Trust

We at Liebler, Gonzalez & Portuondo (LGP) pride ourselves on engaging clients as close partners in their business, banking and commercial endeavors. Regardless of the size or complexity of the engagement, we make ourselves available to clients and provide personal attention to their needs. The personalized nature of our engagement enables us to custom tailor every aspect of our representation, as well as develop clear lines of communication for timely and precise responses to our clients’ every need. Simply put, we offer an unparalleled level of access, communication, and trust in our client relationships.

Precise and Efficient Litigation

Few clients relish the thought of resolving their disputes in court, but when litigation becomes necessary, we bring to bear LGP’s exceptional level of experience, wisdom and craft to advocate our client’s claims. We possess a rich history of representing clients in all manner of civil claims—from transactional and securities based claims, to real estate and trust related defense, and beyond. We provide expert representation to our clients in the banking, business and real estate industries. Perhaps most importantly, we execute our litigation strategies with precision and efficiency, paying close attention to our clients’ objectives, as well as considerations of time and cost.

Transactional Excellence through Business Acumen

At LGP, we bring decades of experience and a wealth of knowledge to our transactional work. In short, we represent clients in nearly every aspect of commercial, real estate and banking transactions. Our clientele include nationally recognized financial institutions and Fortune 500 corporations, as well as government and municipal institutions. We have developed an appreciation for the interconnected nature of banking, business and government, and we draw upon our depth of expertise in all three areas to promote our clients’ interests in a strategic and comprehensive manner.

Innovating Client Solutions

We at LGP believe that every problem is unique and demands a customized solution. Innovation and flexibility therefore stand as central tenets of our approach to problem solving. In addition to traditional approaches to legal dispute resolution we assist clients with alternative dispute resolution and mediation, as well as with the negotiation of creative settlements to all manner of contract, lease and financial instrument disputes. Liebler, Gonzalez & Portuondo has also been a pioneer for over 15 years in structuring alternative fee arrangements and portfolio-based representation.

Serving Diverse Clientele with our Distinctive Expertise

We are an exceptionally diverse firm, and we deliberately strive to reflect our community in order to build our community. As a multi-national firm based in the rich and diverse city of Miami, diversity is our hallmark. We covet diversity as the central defining feature of our strategy for serving clientele, building our firm, and enhancing the community in which we work. And this strategy is working. We have been recognized as the most diverse law firm in South Florida for the past four years (2010-2014), and we intend to continue our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Our attorneys and staff represent a wide array of nationalities, cultures, languages and backgrounds—a diversity rivaled only by the city in which we work. This breadth of backgrounds uniquely positions us to understand and represent our clients.