DentaQuest/Catalyst Institute

  • Boston, MA, USA

Catalyst Institute is a purpose-driven enterprise and a leader in oral health with a mission to improve the oral health of all. We’re working to transform our industry – and a broken health care system – by redefining prevention and care. And we need your help.

Meaningful change requires a revolution. Our efforts extend beyond the dental chair, addressing total health and the social and cultural factors that impact it. Together, we are transforming the oral health system – the way we provide care and pay for it, how we talk about it and prioritize it in our policies and communities, the investments we make to improve the experience, and the changes for which we advocate to advance health equity.

Catalyst’s portfolio includes four mission-driven focus areas:

  • The DentaQuest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement – We work across the country to drive meaningful social change through strategic grantmaking, care improvement initiatives, advocacy and research. We’ve invested more than $200 million in funding for research, grants and programs to advance oral health. With 20 years of experience, we remain grounded in our long-term mission to create an effective and equitable health system that results in improved oral health and wellbeing for all.
  • Nonprofit Oral Health Care – Through our oral health clinics, we provide high quality care with an excellent customer experience and a focus on prevention. The care delivery team operates 18 oral health centers in three states and is working to expand access by delivering innovative person- centered care beyond the dental chair.
  • Nonprofit Dental Coverage – Through Delta Dental of Massachusetts, we offer plans for individuals, families and businesses of any size, as well as customized benefits plans for businesses with unique needs. Our long-term clients range from Fortune 100 companies and public agencies to community organizations, individuals and families. We offer a full range of plans to fit any budget and any size company.
  • For-Profit Innovation Center – Through our for-profit innovation center, we envision and will enable the future of oral health as integrated, personalized, and effective. Focused on growth, transformation, cost optimization and culture change, we are embracing and investing in advancements in person-centered care, technology, innovative diagnostic and preventive methods, targeted therapeutics, medical dental integration, and data science.As people with purpose, we solve problems in a flexible and efficient way, testing and trialing to create new solutions and delivering measurable outcomes for the people we serve. In this time of disruption, intense competition, and great opportunity, our leadership team is all-in on reshaping the oral health system and improving the lives of millions of Americans. Are you with us?
  • The Catalyst Institute is also the holding company for DentaQuest, one of the nation’s leading oral health enterprises, serving over 25 million Americans receiving oral health coverage and care through Medicaid, Medicare, state exchanges and commercial programs.