WD-40 Company

While WD-40 Company is known for its brands, the people behind the brands are what make our company special.  Our tribe members find kindred spirits here who share the same values. All our tribe members play a critical role as stewards of our brands and our culture. Creating positive lasting memories is something we strive to do every day while doing work we love.

Our tribe is thriving!

WD-40 Company
Nov 23, 2020
Full time
Overview Snapshot of What We’re Looking For   As global leader of our legal function, this position participates with senior leadership to ensure our commercial operations are fully supported while concurrently guiding the company through strategic explorations from a legal standpoint.  As General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, this role ensures that every aspect of governance and reporting is not just compliant, but is also an enhancement to our ability to lead, to engage with our stakeholders and to efficiently operate.  As a member of the Global Leadership Council, this role participates in business strategy decisions that influence the company’s direction years into the future.   In this role you will be responsible for ensuring that the company’s legal requirements are satisfied and the company’s risks are mitigated related to governance, intellectual property portfolio management, brand protection and enforcement, SEC and NASDAQ regulations, litigation...