Van Ness Feldman, LLP

Van Ness Feldman is a nationally respected law and government advocacy firm that is home to more than 150 attorneys, public policy professionals, land use planners, administrative managers, and support staff working from offices in Washington, DC, Seattle, the Bay Area, and Denver.

Central to our reputation as an industry leader and employer is investing in our people and preserving our unique culture which places emphasis on well-rounded individuals who are able to not only contribute in the workplace, but more importantly, who are able to serve their communities and participate with their friends and families with great care and good humor.

We are attorneys and government advocacy specialists who come from diverse backgrounds and professional experiences.  Many of us have worked in the business sector or served in government at high levels, giving the firm a network of strong, bi-partisan relationships with key government decision and policy makers, including leaders on both sides of the aisle in Congress, the White House, and various federal, state and local governmental agencies. 

Our professionals in Washington D.C., Seattle, the Bay Area, and Denver are renowned for providing a nationwide clientele with sophisticated, top-notch services that include:

  • Strategic business advice;
  • Legal and regulatory compliance counsel;
  • Legislative and policy advocacy, insight, and representation;
  • Support for project development, permitting, and transactions;
  • Representation in administrative proceedings, litigation, and investigations;
  • A depth of knowledge that is unparalleled in our core areas of focus.