Justice Catalyst Law

A nonprofit organization founded in 2018, Justice Catalyst Law develops cutting-edge, interdisciplinary impact cases and legal strategies that advance economic justice. We specialize in fighting corporate or private actor abuses by applying multiple areas of law to new contexts. We bring a diverse set of nonprofits, advocates, and law firms together to develop, investigate, and litigate bold cases with broad impact. Our mission is to expand the legal system’s potential to provide meaningful accountability for the most powerful, and to bring justice and sustainable change to the communities that are most often left behind by our economic systems, with attention to racial and other longstanding inequities.

We seek to maximize our justice impact by generating and developing innovative case ideas and assembling the partners and teams to litigate them. Many of our cases involve novel application of antitrust or consumer law to counter private actors’ exploitation of workers, consumers, and other vulnerable groups. For a sample of our cases, please visit https://justicecatalyst.org/issues

Justice Catalyst Law is a new, innovative organization with a growing list of accomplishments, and we are looking for someone who will explore, build, and grow with us. We are a small, but highly collaborative, team of 8 people with a start-up culture and room to grow. We value an experimental mindset and encourage unconventional thinking and risk-taking. We value employee relationships, growth, and well-being, and strive to create an equitable, inclusive organization where everyone is a leader and a supporter. We are hardworking and dedicated, and we hold each other accountable, but we also care about one another. We take our work seriously, but we also love to laugh and have fun together — and we all care deeply about making the world a better place.

Justice Catalyst Law works closely with Justice Catalyst, a nonprofit organization that supports innovative legal work and runs a fellowship program for new attorneys seeking employment in public interest fields at nonprofits, government agencies, and other offices.