Democracy Forward

Government corruption hurts people: programs that improve public health are undermined to serve ideological agendas. Rules that protect people from harm are weakened or rolled back at the behest of industry lobbyists. And critical decisions affecting the lives of the American people are made outside of public view, violating rules designed to ensure transparency and public accountability.

Combining smart legal strategies with a commitment to educating the public, we bring together a team of experienced litigators, analysts, and communicators to ensure that when the government acts unlawfully, the public knows about it. And people who are hurt are empowered to fight back.

Democracy Forward Remote (Washington D.C., DC, USA)
Apr 16, 2021
Full time
Democracy Forward is seeking an experienced attorney to help carry out our litigation program. The ideal candidate will have experience in all aspects of litigation involving federal agencies, including investigating and researching potential claims, drafting complaints, briefs, and supporting documents, and participating in hearings and arguments. Responsibilities Legal claim evaluation : identify and evaluate potential matters for litigation, including novel applications of established legal doctrines and innovative use of little-used statutes. Litigation : serve as lead or co-counsel in proceedings in the federal district courts and the circuit courts of appeals, including advising clients on litigation strategy, risks, and objectives and carrying out all aspects of the litigation. This includes representing Democracy Forward and external clients in litigation handled entirely by Democracy Forward attorneys or co-counseling with law firms or other entities. Legal...