Fantastic Academy

Fantastic Academy is a leading online learning platform for online education, where numerous business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world come to learn skills of providing property maintenance services and starting a business. Those courses are cost-effective and comprehensive. They do not require previous experience in proving home services or managing a business. 

When you visit our platform you will find a number of online training courses available now including Window Cleaning Course, Oven and Barbecue Cleaning Course, Gardening Course, Removals and Packing Course and many more. Each of them comes in two packages - Silver and Gold. Our online classes will give you and your employees extensive knowledge on providing excellent services, dealing with customers and their complaints, preventing damages and so on. Our Silver Package Training is ideal for you if you are aiming for this and you are striving to improve the quality of your services. Also, taking that package assures you to receive a certificate and becoming a professional provider of home services.

Gold Training Package is a bit different from the Silver one. We've created it to meet the preferences of those people who are interested in starting their own business. That's why besides the basic topics from the first one, you will receive access to many business modules explaining the whole process of starting and managing a property maintenance company. You will learn about creating a brand, building a customer base, advertising business and many more.   

You can visit our website and find further information about each course Fantastic academy is offering. Also, you can read more about our Membership Program and the benefits you can get from it. Call us on 07480 048 820.