Our Culture

Tripwire is not your ordinary technology company. We might be best known for developing industry-leading cybersecurity solutions, but we've also been around for twenty years in part because we put our people first. To keep the company growing strong, we continually work to develop and empower our employees. Tripwire also recognizes its role as a member in a larger community, both locally and globally, and is committed to giving back. We show this dedication in donations and fundraising, through mentorship, and by participating in community programs.

Tripwire's DEI Commitment

Tripwire is committed to bettering the lives of our employees and we are constantly looking to improve our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion. Black lives matter. Gender equity matters. And the best outcomes are achieved when professionals with differing backgrounds, abilities, orientations, and religions work side by side and on equal footing. It’s important to us to create an environment where employees can bring their whole, authentic selves to work. Tripwire is on a journey to reaffirm and expand our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We strive to learn and grow together, and to use our voice within the cybersecurity community to actively promote a culture of inclusion. We are actively assessing our policies and investing in improvements in areas such as our internal DEI team, HR policies, hiring processes, donation matching and volunteer programs, and driving financial contributions toward underrepresented individuals in our community.