Community Service Society of New York

The Community Service Society of New York (CSS) is an informed, independent, and unwavering voice for positive action on behalf of more than 3 million low-income New Yorkers. CSS draws on a 175-year history of excellence in addressing the root causes of economic disparity through research, advocacy, litigation, and innovative program models that strengthen and benefit all New Yorkers.

$76,000 yearly
Community Service Society of New York
Sep 28, 2021
Full time
The Community Service Society (CSS) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that has been at the forefront of public policy innovations that support low-income New Yorkers for more than 170 years.  CSS’s Health Initiatives Department runs a number of statewide programs that help New Yorkers find and use their health insurance or otherwise access health care, including: Community Health Advocates (CHA); the Community Health Access to Addiction and Mental Healthcare Project (CHAMP); the Independent Consumer Advocacy Network (ICAN); and several enrollment assistance programs. These services are free for New York health care consumers and small businesses.  It also coordinates the Health Care for All New York Campaign, a coalition of 170 groups dedicated to securing quality, affordable coverage for all New Yorkers.  CHA serves over 30,000 New Yorkers a year—saving them over $30 million annually in health costs—through a live-answer helpline and a network of community-based...