Outten & Golden LLP is a mid-sized employee-side employment law firm that focuses on representing employees, executives, and partners. From representing senior executives in contract negotiations to combating worker exploitation and systemic discrimination in individual, class action or impact litigation, O&G is a recognized leader in the field of employment law. O&G aims to protect workers’ rights on a systemic basis and hold companies accountable for their obligations under federal and state employment laws.  We have represented hundreds of thousands of workers, across all industries, including workers misclassified as independent contractors; tipped restaurant workers; women in the banking and tech industries in “glass ceiling” gender discrimination class actions; and job applicants denied opportunities because of criminal record discrimination.  Through these cases and through our cutting-edge impact litigation, our goal is to advance economic and social justice while providing relief to our clients and class members. 

Diversity, inclusiveness, and equity are fundamental to our work at O&G.  We believe that to be effective advocates for civil rights and workplace fairness we must strive for diversity within our own workforce.  We are committed to diversity among our lawyers and staff, and to fostering a collegial and supportive workplace.