Convergent Energy + Power

Convergent was established in 2011 with two employees and a borrowed office. The vision then remains the same today – develop, own, and operate energy storage-focused assets that create long-term value for our customers, investors, and broader society.

It was a challenging mission. The cost of an installed battery system then was five times what it is today. Prospective customers were unfamiliar with the terminology and technology behind “energy storage” and many were reluctant to be first movers. Our initial projects, while ultimately successful, were learning experiences for all the stakeholders.

Today, saving money using energy storage is a mainstream concept. Our team and project locations extend all over North America, from California to Maine and in Canada as well.

In July 2019, the energy and infrastructure fund ECP purchased Convergent, providing us with the financial resources to continue setting energy storage sector milestones for many years to come.

In the nascent but rapidly growing marketplace for energy storage solutions, our customer-centric approach to project development—and track record of completed projects—speaks for itself.

Dec 09, 2021
Full time
Convergent Energy + Power 7 Times Square, New York, NY, USA
Energy storage is the key to unlocking a future where our world is powered by renewable resources. At Convergent Energy + Power, our mission is to make the electrical grid cleaner, more reliable, and less expensive by leveraging state-of-the-art energy storage and distributed generation technologies. Our Legal Team is vital to our ability to realize this mission. In line with that, we are seeking a Counsel who will work closely with, and as part of, Convergent’s fully collaborative legal team to continue to build a commercially savvy legal function to manage risk and scale the business. In this role, Counsel will build strong working relationships with our business clients and advise them on financing, acquisitions, partnerships, development, and operations of stand-alone storage, hybrid storage, and distributed generation solar projects, as well as general corporate and regulatory matters. Counsel will engage directly with the capital markets, investor relations, business...