Free Speech For People

Free Speech For People is a national nonpartisan nonprofit organization working to to reclaim our democracy, challenge big money in politics, and fight for free and fair elections. To learn more, here is our website:

Jan 10, 2022
Full time
$75,000 - $80,000 yearly
Free Speech For People Remote (Free Speech For People’s Legal Advocacy office is in Newton, MA, just outside Boston. However, candidates living in other locations may be considered if they have a demonstrated ability to work independently and remotely.)
Free Speech For People Seeking to Hire Public Interest Attorney Free Speech For People is seeking a public interest attorney, preferably with social justice, campaign finance, and/or election law experience, to join a cutting-edge non-profit. Free Speech For People , a national nonpartisan nonprofit organization, was founded on the day of the Supreme Court’s  Citizens United v. FEC  decision in January 2010. We’ve been working since then on a multi-part strategy to defend our Constitution and to reclaim our democracy: Fighting for free and fair elections by challenging voter suppression and voter intimidation, the use of unreliable and insecure electronic voting systems, and unequal voting conditions. Fighting to get big money out of politics by challenging foreign influence in elections , defending state campaign finance reform laws , advancing new scholarship , challenging super PACs , and advancing a constitutional amendment to end the dominance of big money...