Loyola University New Orleans College of Law

The Law School is well known for its commitment to building practice-ready lawyers. We have one of the oldest clinical programs in the country, now ranked 23rd among over 200 ABA-ranked law schools by U.S. News and World Report. Through the clinic, our students have the opportunity to spend a significant part of their third year representing real clients under the supervision of experienced faculty. In the last several years, we have expanded our experiential offerings to include the Environmental Law & Policy Lab, the Entrepreneurship Project, and the Human Rights Advocacy Project, through which students develop their drafting and advocacy skills while serving the community. Our curriculum is supplemented by an extensive Externship program, which allows students to spend a semester working with local employers in their areas of professional interest. All of our students also participate in our Skills curriculum, to help them practice the competencies they’ll need to start their law careers.

Our law school also has both civil and common law curricula, allowing our students to prepare for practice locally, nationally, and globally. Our curriculum is designed to provide students with a unique comparative perspective from the first semester. We also recognize that every student has a unique learning style, so we provide individualized attention and support, starting with the small sections in the first year Lawyering course, and continuing with our extensive academic support and bar preparation programs. 

Loyola University New Orleans College of Law New Orleans, LA, USA
Jul 06, 2020
Description:  This position is designed for individuals pursuing a career in law teaching and seeking to gain law teaching experience, while being afforded time to devote to scholarly writing and publication.  Applicants should have strong academic credentials, writing experience in a judicial clerkship, law practice, or both, and excellent written and oral communication skills.  The Fellow will be responsible for teaching legal reasoning, legal research, legal writing, and oral advocacy skills to two sections of first-year law students in a three-credit hour class each semester.  The Fellow will teach his or her own classes, but will have the benefit of working under the guidance of an experienced director and with experienced professors in a program in which the director and the professors teaching the courses coordinate the content and pace of the courses.  The Fellow will also have student teaching assistants to aid with courses.  The Fellow will...