The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) regulates the offering and provision of consumer financial products or services under the federal consumer financial laws and educates and empowers consumers to make better informed financial decisions.

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People are our most valuable resource. We come from a variety of professional and demographic backgrounds to work at the CFPB, and are all grounded in the same mission: making consumer finance markets work for the American people.

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CFPB Washington D.C., DC, USA
Aug 10, 2020
Full time
Summary This position is located in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Each Honors Attorney is placed in a particular office in Washington, D.C. For the Honors Attorney class that will begin in Fall 2021, Honors Attorneys may be hired into the Office of Enforcement or the Office of Supervision Policy. During the two-year program, Honors Attorneys will also have the opportunity to rotate into a different Bureau office or other federal agency to develop additional skills. Responsibilities The Office of Enforcement is the primary litigating arm of the Bureau and enforces federal consumer financial laws by investigating cases of potential wrongdoing and taking legal action where appropriate. Enforcement attorneys conduct factual investigations of companies to determine whether they are violating the law, research legal issues, and handle all stages of enforcement litigation at the trial court level. The Office of Supervision Policy (OSP) develops supervision strategy and...